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Just came across this vid and I absolutely loved it! Gonna have to watch your other stuff, if they're as entertaining as this one was. Exquisite animation combined with a good sense of humor!

Great ending and thanks to everyone on the EddsWorld team for managing to keep this series going for as long as it needed to. I'm sure that Edd would be proud of all you've accomplished. Cheers and thanks for the memories!

This was delightfully entertaining. The animation is very smooth, the humor was clever and the characters are portrayed very well by the actors. Keep up the great work Joe!

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Very good! The only problem I have with this demo though, is that the audio quality isn't exactly the best. Did you edit out background noise beforehand in the recording through Audacity or have a makeshift filter of some sort(like towels or sheets) on your mic? As it tends to make your voice sound a lot more clearer that way through these methods. Resolve that issue and I think you'll already be on your way :)

FrostHoldGiant responds:

I thought I had edited out some of the noise but maybe I could do it again? Thank you so much for your advice!

Much better! And outside of a not too serious personal quibble of mine involving hearing mouse clicking between every character voice, this was a significant improvement over your first demo all-around. Keep it up!

davithetankman responds:

Thanks man!

Very impressive work dude! All your characters sound different from one another(with a lot of appropriate expression/emotion), the audio quality is good and you sound like you're having a lot of fun doing it too. Keep it up!

BoyProfligate responds:

I'm really happy to hear that, thank you!

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Great drawing! Better than anything I can do(I have the drawing skills of a 5 year old :P). Reminds me a lot of Clank from the Ratchet and Clank series. And that is definitely a good thing in my book. Keep it up!

chrisrosewood responds:

Thanks! I really do appreciate it! I put a lot of effort into him, more than I have in most (if any) of my drawings.

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