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Very good! The only problem I have with this demo though, is that the audio quality isn't exactly the best. Did you edit out background noise beforehand in the recording through Audacity or have a makeshift filter of some sort(like towels or sheets) on your mic? As it tends to make your voice sound a lot more clearer that way through these methods. Resolve that issue and I think you'll already be on your way :)

FrostHoldGiant responds:

I thought I had edited out some of the noise but maybe I could do it again? Thank you so much for your advice!

Much better! And outside of a not too serious personal quibble of mine involving hearing mouse clicking between every character voice, this was a significant improvement over your first demo all-around. Keep it up!

davithetankman responds:

Thanks man!

Very impressive work dude! All your characters sound different from one another(with a lot of appropriate expression/emotion), the audio quality is good and you sound like you're having a lot of fun doing it too. Keep it up!

BoyProfligate responds:

I'm really happy to hear that, thank you!

Nicely done dude. You have a very impressive range and all the characters sound different enough, to the point that I'd never would have known they were all voiced by the same guy, if I wasn't looking at your profile while listening. Keep up the good work!

While you have a really good audio quality(with a respectable length for your demo reel), I think you need to practice diversifying your character voices more and add some more expression and emotion into the performances when appropriate(because as it is, it unfortunately comes off as rather monotone overall.)

But besides those aspects, this isn't too bad.

johnny2pop responds:

Thanks for the feedback

Very, very good. Each character sounded like their own individual(in a very believable fashion), and they didn't even sound like they're all coming from the same person, with a generally nice professional quality to it all. Have to say, I'm quite impressed!

While I like your variety of voices in this current demo, you don't need to say exactly what role you're attempting to do every single time, as it unnecessarily extends the demo reel's length(which to a considerable amount of people, can end up being generally exhausting to get through). Just leave the audience themselves to guess what exactly they're listening to the next time you make a demo reel, and I guarantee that you'll have the chance of seeing more users willing to leave a critique on your work.

And this is a personal quibble of mine, but I feel adding some more enthusiasm into your various performances(when appropriate), will help make the characters feel that much more alive and interesting to listen to, for many people.

But for a first attempt, this was quite good. And on the bright side, you can only get better from here.

davithetankman responds:

Thank you for your critique.

Nothing else to really add that the other critics haven't already mentioned. And despite having not watched Courage in years, your interpretations are really spot on, in terms of what I remember the character voices sounding like all those years ago. Good job!

JayWEccent responds:

Wow, thanks again :)

While its clear that Spongebob isn't voiced by Tom Kenny here(which is in no way a detriment to your performance as its really good regardless), I almost mistook Plankton for the actual actor on the show here, as you sound very much like him. Nice work!

JayWEccent responds:

My Spongebob wasn't any good?.. But.. uh.. uh.. uh.. O_O lol. Thank you anyway, Im glad I did well as Plankton.

My goodness, it actually sounded like a zombie was in the room! I'm surprised that barely anyone have listened to this, considering the type of high-quality work on offer here. Excellent job!

JayWEccent responds:

Thank you very much. That really means a lot to me. I had wondered the same. Iv'e been working hard to put out voice demos and wondered why no one had heard them. Thanks:)

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