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-Beejie Bean:

-cassetteboy(Some vids are not safe for work)-


-Deadpool Said(NSFW):

-Euan Mitchell:

-Fanfic Critic/Ryoko 368: and





-Jaboody Dubs:

-Jack & Dean:


-Midnight's Edge:

-Nicholas Damiani:



-Sammy Paul:


-Tennyson Industries:

-Thomas Sanders:

-TimH Films:

-Tin Can Brothers(NSFW):



-Work In Progress:

-You Suck At Cooking:

Will update this post accordingly, as I find more YouTube channels related to said subject matter.

YouTube Poopers:









-Lazy Game Reviews:

-Noah Caldwell-Gervais:

-Super Bunnyhop:

-The Unusual Suspect:

Creepy Narrators:

-Corpse Husband:

-Lord of Terror:

-Mr. Nightmare:

Will update this specific post, when I find more quality content related to said subject matter.